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 2005.04  Contract with Hankook Paper Co., Ltd. for circulating oil lubrication
               system(18,000 liter reservoir) for #4 paper mill.
 2005.01  Auto lubrication system for RTGC(Rubber Tired Gantry Crane) to
               PSA(Port of Singapore authority) through Doosan Heavy.
 2004.10  Long term contract with Doosan Heavy industries & Construction
                Co., Ltd. for supply of BFPT(Boiler Feed-Water Pump)
                oil lubrication system
 2004.03  Sales of circulating oil system for steam turbine in power plant to
                Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Co., Ltd.
 2004.01  Moving to Panwol industrial complex
 2003.02  Sales of grease pump, controller, filling pump to Israa trading
                & hydraulic services co. Alexandria, Egypt
 2002.05  Sales of dual-line metering valves and semi assembled pipes to
               Harada industry co. Japan for Roller Table, Yawata Works of
               Nippon steel corporation
 2001.05  Sales of grease pumps, dual-line metering valves and semi assembled
               pipes to Harada industry co. Japan for Yawata works of
               of Nippon steel corporation
 2000.09  ISO9001 certified by ABS QE, certificate no. 35964
 1999.01  Sales of grease pumps to Baier+Koeppel, Germany
 1998.08  Sales of grease pumps, progressive metering valves,
               PLC controller to Sumitomo heavy industry for a continuous casting
               machine of Sumitomo metal in Japan
 1997.10  The first direct sales(export) of dual-line metering valves to
               Engineering and General Equipment Ltd, London, UK
 1996.01  Development of drum replacement type grease pump : HEPB200
 1999.12  Converted to a corporation as Hanil Lubtec Co., Ltd
 1995.04  Development of pail replacement type grease pump : HEPB18
 1993.08  Designated as an Technologically Promising Company by Korean
 1993.03  Sole domestic supply to major heavy industries companies including
               Hyndai, Doosan, Samsung for centralized grease systems of yard
               cranes to Port of Singapore Authority
               Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy
 1988.05  Moving to Kuro industrial complex for larger factory space and shop
 1987.07  Technical cooperation (License Agreement) with KOWA corp.,
               A Japanese Lubrication Equipment Company who has 70% of
               market share in the field of circulating oil lubrication system.
 1985.05  The first domestic development of hydraulic shock absorbers
 1977.07  Company name changed to Hanil Machinery Co.
 1974.09  The first production of centralized lubrication equipment including
 1974.06  The first production of wheel flange lubricator in Korea
 1974.05  Founded as Samheung Machinery Co. in Seoul
               grease pumps and dual-line metering valves in Korea